Why is children’s ethnicwear always overlooked ?

It’s a week till the big day- of what’s surely to be the social event of the season and everything is sorted: dress is ironed, shoes are polished, matching earrings and necklace are planned, makeup artist booked- wait- what about the kids?

Oh well, a quick trip to the market should do it, doesn’t need to be anything fancy.

Surprising as it may seem, this is how a lot of parents seem to think when it comes to special occasions: they dress to impress, planning weeks in advance, comparing prices and options, carefully curating their style based on the occasion, the setting and the impression they wish to make, whereas, the kids are nothing short of an afterthought. There are many reasons for this, primarily the idea that the outfit is not likely to have much use long term, what with how quickly children seem to grow, as well as the short lifespan associated with heavy clothing. Secondly, some may think that children go virtually unnoticed at big events; getting lost among all the glamour and poise of the adults. Well, we can prove this wrong right away as in a recent study, 100% of those surveyed vouched that their favourite activity at any event was fawning over the overwhelming cuteness of each and every child they laid eyes on!

Many don’t realise just how important it is to have children well dressed on special occasions: it goes so much beyond just looking nice. Kids are a lot smarter than they are given credit for- they observe everything. So, when a parent takes time out of their hectic schedule, puts thought and effort into their child’s outfit and most importantly, takes their input as they go: the children notice. It makes them feel special and at such crucial ages when they are forming their personalities and finding what makes them unique, it gives them a chance to express themselves through what they wear. As a parent, by doing this you’re teaching your children from a young age to have the independence it takes to make their own decisions and learn to present themselves well, undoubtedly setting a positive tone for the future. Above all, you’re giving your child the time and importance they deserve.

In addition, it’s also about the event itself, and the respect that you, as guests, give it. The entire family showing up well dressed reflects the effort that has gone into this behind the scenes and shows a level of respect and importance for the event and the people who have spent time and money organising it. That being said, dressing well does in no way correlate with breaking the bank in order to do this, it is simply about giving clothing the value it deserves! Little Orhni is the perfect example of this – we offer such a large variety of price ranges for this exact reason: so there is something for everyone, one just needs the patience to find this and this comes from having a genuine interest in finding the best you possibly can.

To conclude, regardless of whether you buy from Little Orhni or not, if you’re a parent who saw a small reflection of themselves at the beginning of the blog, we implore you to reconsider your ideas of indian clothes for your children- who, at the end of the day, are ultimately a reflection of their parents and as such should be paraded around with this in mind. Realise the positives that come from buying designer ethnic wear of a high standard. Realise the confidence boost a child gets when they feel comfortable in the clothing they’re in and they don’t feel out of place and strangely dressed at an important event. Realise that high quality clothing can eradicate the stereotypical idea that traditional indian clothes cannot last long. Last but certainly not least, realise just how stunning your pictures will turn out when the whole family looks runway ready!