Our Team

Pallavi ChhibberPallavi Chhibber
Pallavi is the founder owner of Little Orhni and is the ‘heart and brain’ behind the brand. Pallavi lives in London, U.K but grew up in Delhi; she calls both these cities home as both hold an extremely special place in her heart. Pallavi has worked over the last several years on the ‘internationalisation’ of Indian ethnic clothing and has created designs to meet the needs of the global diaspora from the Indian subcontinent. Apart from designing clothes, she is very passionate about Travel, Makeup and culinary arts. Pallavi strongly feels that Travelling has been a great source of creativity and inspiration for her ; continuously influencing her views, ideas and designs . She is the proud alumnus of London School of Makeup, London College of Fashion, Jesus and Mary College and Mayo College Girl School.

Pranav ChhibberPranav Chhibber
Pranav works as a mentor for the Little Orhni team; he works with the team in the areas of branding, social media outreach, operations management and improving customer experience. As a mentor, Pranav’s focus is on developing improvement plans and and strategies for scaling up the brand to its true potential. Pranav has held several leadership positions with various global companies; he is an MBA from the prestigous London Business School and M.Sc in Information Technology from the University of London.

Sujata ChhibberSujata Chhibber
Sujata is Pallavi’s sister-in-law and part of the management team; she is responsible for all the internal functions such as  operations, administration, supplier management etc. She manages a team of professionals in India and works very closely with Pallavi in managing several aspects of launching new designs and ramping up production capacity to meet demand. Sujata has a Bachelors degree from Rajasthan University and is based in Jaipur, India.