My first ‘doesn’t recommend’ review on Facebook

I worked tirelessly for 5+ years to avoid getting a ‘low star’ rating on my Facebook Page; that meant always trying to go the extra mile to please my Orhni mothers and sometimes, though rarely, even bending over backwards for the odd not so friendly one. Now, I must admit here that it isn’t always easy to please everyone (despite my genuine efforts) and with work growing, I had a premonition about a negative rating being not too far. I eventually did realise that it isn’t practical to always deliver ‘5 stars’ and soon after, I did get the dreaded ‘doesn’t recommend’. To my surprise, however, this reveiw came from someone whose order I hadn’t even accepted ! In this case, we had discussed designs for some time, but nothing was finalised. By the time mother came to confirm the order, it was time for Eid holidays at my workshop and the mother’s event was just 2 weeks away. I had to say NO.